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State Highway-20 Emergency Repair - Bank Stabilization

Rogers County, Oklahoma

This State Highway 20 project includes stabilization of the roadway after excessive rain caused subsurface failure resulting in collapse of a 1/4 mile section of Highway 20. The major repair work consisted of two compressive restraint steel sheet pile retaining walls and one rock buttress wall. One was located at the edge of the roadway and another was offset by a 100-foot down slope. These walls consisted of solder piles, encased in concrete and connected to the sheet piling wall via H pile braces which were welded to an H pile whaler tied to the sheeting. A rock buttress of 10,000 tons of quarry stone was placed at the base of the slope for increased stabilization.?Three crews, working seven days a week enabled the highway to be re-opened to traffic in only 38 days.

Project by: Manhattan Road & Bridge Co.