Although we have expanded our services offerings significantly over the years, Manhattan began with traditional general contracting services. Our clients benefit from our extensive knowledge of the subcontractor base in each of our markets, resulting in the best price and schedule delivery.

We are builders with the expertise to dig deep in reviewing and analyzing construction documents. When we deliver a budget we are confident that it is complete and accurate.

When design changes happen we are flexible and work collaboratively with the team to integrate the new designs into the construction process.

We set the stage from the beginning to ensure a smoother building process for you.

mcc-general-contracting Defense Intelligence Analysis Center Addition Washington, D.C.

"Manhattan's ability to control costs and lead their subcontractors through almost 500 design changes (including major redesign of two floors when the project was 90% complete), while remaining within the program budget, was impressive."

Brian K. Moore, LCDR, CEC, USN Resident Officer in Charge of Construction Naval Facilities Engineering Command Washington