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Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Chapel

Fort Worth, Texas

The Chapel at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary is more than the university's primary place of worship. It also serves as an educational facility and a state of the art performance venue. Constructed in the heart of the campus, the 57,820-square-foot Chapel houses a 3,500-seat sanctuary, choir and orchestra rehearsal halls, audio-visual production studios, and a museum component that will house portions of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Acoustical and audio-visual provisions have been made to accommodate spoken-word as well as musical performances. A 12-foot-wide loggia surrounds the chapel and a 100-foot-tall tower overlooks a porte cochere and prayer garden. The main entry rotunda serves as the main circulation area and contains an 18-foot-diameter fountain that doubles as the Chapel's baptismal pool. The Chapel is supported by a 4,300-square-foot Central Utilities Plant that houses the facility's cooling towers, chillers, circulation pumps, and electrical service equipment. The adjacent parking lot supplements the campus with 340 additional parking spaces.

Project by: Manhattan Construction